holy Ghost enters bob hickman like body perfect size

7-24-2012-bob, God and hollie said, she she showed time, her light watch was sleeping, but he awoke, face pops out, showed, bobby stay busy, watch became light man thing, hollie said,  http://www.ministryofdreams.0catch.com , http://www.ministryofdreams.freeservers.com

 , http://www.prophetic.beep.com

, http://www.worldprophecycenter.jimdo.com , http://www.prophecyministry.blogspot.com


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  1. bobhickman

    7-21-2012-hollie showed, time, bob, shes pissed, its, girl, hollie said, racheal, now she knows, thats her showing cut off, and adam not happy, his beautiful wife, I’ll fuck her, she said, its, apostolics having anal sex, hollie showed, its monkey, throwing poop, you see those monkeys bob, they laugh all the time, saith the Lord, but, when you put people out, thats them stunned, looking, but not really caring, do, God said, dont hollie said, do it now, heres why, theres your wife, its, teresa, hollie showed, its voorhies, thats angel lopez marrying, then you building church, its new world order apostolic church, and angel appearing, like, just light head, but hollie came out and showed, rinse, head not shaped right, hollie showed, turn, bob walked, still showed, God said, 7-22-2012-bobby they warned you, its, hollie said, pastor angel, hes wanting out, and leave you with them, in charge, and you wont let, and now the new moon, hes, hollies looks but turns to Jesus, then back, like, or holie said, wealthy, its pastors, hollie said, sh, she said, its, crescincio, God said, its, otiz, hollie said, y, God said, tomasa, ortiz, hollie showed, turn, then bobby, your going the other way, hollie showed, turn, hollie came out, got happy, its church of acts, she said, showed, its, nice, futuristic looking building, its spanish ministry, hollie showed, its the, church of ACTS, thats, it popping up, bobby dont tear down, hollie said, thats it sinking but, you will, boo hummer, hollie said, she showed, hummer, then was in, lets motor, went angelic hollie, white skin, but normal hair color, its he hollie on, hill, dark, big, long cloud, moves over, thunders, hollie like warrior hollie in, golden helmut, like, its, like, they dressed in bible times, roman soldier, but his skin color changes, Father checked out, like sheet ghost, purple but different colors, but, theres lines, its, hollie said, streaky, one lighted, hollie checks out in old tank, she said, hollie said, jumped, golden gloved hands, like boxing gloves, hollie showed, rinse more, its unfolding, many hollies, bob its you call them all hollie, thats plants, happy, but one had sleepy face, but, el jardin del, hollie said, more, seemed to be there, hollie tap danced, wore dress, its pink, hollie showed, turn, go into church, golden arm, hand, 7-23-2012-its carpet bombing, hollie and God said, and, hollie, carpet blasting, God said, its hitting pages, likes, and thats, even, ozzy osbourne, looking at, thinking, I dont need it, but, bob thats ozzy looking at offer, I wont make uh song, ozzy said, but, alice cooper, laughed, and, didnt show it, thats, KISS thinking, we will, gene simmons said, but, they dont, hollie showed, its, the jewish state, walked into vision, thats, like, shes different, but, its, hollie blows on hand, wow, he hollie said, kay bang, another said, its israel exploding, hollie saw missiles flying out, thats, egypt, jordan, and, syria, exploding, thats, pope and, his armies, and its hu hintao and his, and, pastor angel lopez, playing cool, hollie showed, turn, hollie points, she thought, its capitol letters, dont use them, she said, on website, face like, another came out, showed, bobby rinse, hollie showed, man, everybodies coming to vision, its he hollie in mountainous area, big long dark cloud, moves over, thunders, hollie like roman soldier hollie in, but face, of light, but changing, with golden helmut but, hollie showed, bobby rinse, hollie showed, up in tank, Father showed, up in ghost sheet, big nose, its purple with designs in, hollie showed, sign, its, the, loot, but, hey theres Gods hammo, was like, angelic light being, was very, narrow, long body, arms, leggs, but, slendor man, thats, hollie showing, whats up, hollie showed, turn, then reappeared, looked at bob, but she was turning monkey, bobby its moodie and janette fucking again, moodie seemed to be, ready to leave, but janette pulled to, thats angel seeing, you and janette coming in, hollie screamed, showed, its septi-pak, bob buy two, hollie said, just store, heres why, thats, theres Gods hammo, pouring in toilet, bob fix, do it now, hollie showed, turn, hollie twisted his head in the fire, happy, hollie pointed at sign, hollie showed, turn, face not quite right like blank somewhat, but hand not seen but it appeared, but it changed, went to almost like, hand, hollie quickly comes out, its, she showed, like light hollie, she was like swirl, then ate one, its, hollie showed, rinse, the swirl cones, hollie body like, its the colors, hollie said, pointed, white

    July 24, 2012
  2. bobhickman

    11-17-2012-look, this is Jesus, hollie said, its hollie, many hollies appeared, God said, hollie, screamed, but not heard, happy, but showed, eat, bobby its new facebook account, but Gods hammo sang, facebook hammo appeared unhappy, both angelic beings, bobby they were alike, hollie claps, closes scene up, he hollie shows turn, but pulled hand back, showed, keep going sraight, white gloved hand, keep, hollie flew, its f-22 raptor, caught on fire, in mid air, it shook a little first, bobby, its that aircraft is not stable, thats stealth f-117 fighter, they are almost bullet proof, built different, 11-18-2012-that man doesnt know nothing, saith the Lord, hollie showed, its china, thats her looking, another, there, but blank face God holding up, yellow letters, its war, hu hintao, said, coming out, thats him appearing on, its blank red horse, thats hollie like silhouette, her face partly drawn, hair same color, bobby see that magazine, its be naughty, it appeared, theres Gods hammo singing, appearing, like angelic being, just mainly head, hollie showed, its uh dark, like background, kneck, white, bobby, be naughty, is for pleasure, they wont meet ya, hollie showed turn, but thought, show go other way, hands swung around back, its bear licking prophet, its plastic bear, hollie showed turn, like lighted hollie, it, was he, him, casey monster said, leave me alone, thats what you needed to say, hollie said, moodie played like music, he appeared, transforming to animal moodie, blue sweatshirt, light blue pants with like white spots, converse tennis shoes, but one changed colors, burgundy and like gray, 11-19-2012-bobby, its time, hollie said, put one hand on other arm, but wasnt normal hollie, Gods new hammo sang, like changings moods angelic being, hollie showed, its para chat, Gods new hammo started singing, theres chatroom hammo like mostly blank face, angelic being, changing a little, bobby, its dont chat, hammo said, but, now, its tear up, he said, showed, its new world order coming out, its stage coach, pulled, hollie got with, its black horses, red on other, side, theres hu hintao and pope on their sides, its hintao on red, horse went blank, but Gods new hammo sang, there he is, like angelic outlined drawing like, dark, brown background, hammo in like gray but thick outlined, hollie showed, its the word, EVENTS, its greenish, dark back ground, there in indianapolis but check, wait hollie said, theres Gods hammo, looking a little worried like angelic being, hollie looked to turn but didnt show, showed keep going straight, hand was white but disappeared, but Gods new hammo sang, hollies screamin to eat again, Gods new hammo sang, raise your hands and repeat wait after me, he said, pointed like light being, but hollie, only upper seen, bottom there, hollie showed, its blue setting, its police department, theres janette there, she wont get out this time, hollie showed turn, long lit golden hand, 11-20-2012-pop, hollie said, showed time, put one hand on, other arm,

    November 20, 2012